Individual tennis net accessories can be found below. Carron can also provide an entire tennis post and net system including the nets, posts, anchors, and center straps.
Stock #:21510
Product:Center Strap
Description:2 1/8" White webbing with galvanized snap hook; adjustable.

Stock #:21512
Product:Pipe Anchor
(works in conjunction with #21510)
Description:9" long; To be cemented into court to hold center strap.

Stock #:21507
Product:Replacement Net Cable
Description:Vinyl coated steel cable - 47' X 1/4" for 42' tennis nets.
Request a Quote for custom sizes.

Stock #:21508
Product:Tennis Net Replacement Binding
Description:White vinyl grommeted along entire 42' length of the band for easy lacing. Lacing cords included.

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