Convert any racquetball court into a volleyball court with our Racquetball/Volleyball Kit, complete with hardware, net, ball, and storage bag. Wall plates with removable hardware and Tensa-Net fasteners provide simple tensioned installation for the volleyball net while not interfering with racquetball games when not in use.

Download our Racquetball/Volleyball Kit Installation Instructions for more information. Replacement items are also available below.
Stock #:31420
Product:Racquetball/Volleyball Court Kit
Description:Net: 3'H X 18'L, yellow top binding with top rope
Includes: Net, (4) heavy duty mounting plates with installation instructions, set of Tensa-Net fasteners, Official blue Wallyball, and nylon tote bag for easy storage.
More:Made in USA
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Stock #:31421
Product:Racquetball/Volleyball Net
(Replacement for #31420)

NOTE: This net is available for order in custom lengths.
Description:3'H X 18'L; #21 nylon, 4" mesh; yellow top binding with top rope
More:Made in USA
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Stock #Product:Description:
31423Wall PlatesSet of four; complete with installation instructions.
NOTE: requires #31424 installation hardware.
31424Wall Plate Installation HardwareInstallation hardware for a set of four #31423 Wall Plates.
31426Replacement Tote BagReplacement nylon storage bag for #31420 wallyball set.
31402Tensa Net FastenersEasy to install, provides tension for wallyball, volleyball, tennis, badminton and multi-sport nets.

Set of four, rubber with steel hooks.
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