Offering multiple installation options for baseball, softball, or multi-sport cages, Carron can help you choose the right fit for your application.
  • Outdoor Steel Frame: Provides a semi-permanent outdoor installation.
  • Rope, Beam Clamp & Pulley Kit: Allows cages to be manually raised for storage indoors.
  • Steel Cable & Hardware Kit: Provides wall-to-wall cable suspension for indoor installation. Can also be used outdoors with properly anchored end frames. This popular option allows the cage to be walk-drawn for storage at one end when not in use.
*Items in the #61506 and #61507 hardware kits can be purchased separately.
Stock #:61505
Product:Outdoor Steel Frame
Description:Accommodates 12' and 14' cage widths. Made of 2" O.D. galvanized steel; wicket-style frames with 3 rows of 3/16" galvanized cable; complete with ground sleeves for installation.
More:Installation Instructions

Stock #:61506
Product:Rope, Beam Clamp & Pulley Kit
Description:Includes: 6 heavy duty 2 1/4" diameter pulleys with beam clamps (for I-beams w/ 9" plates) and 600' of 5/16" polyethylene rope.

NOTE: Wall cleats for rope attachment not included.
More:Installation Instructions

Stock #:61507
Product:Steel Cable & Hardware Kit
Description:Includes: (3) 100' galvanized steel cables, 3 turnbuckles, 6 thimbles, 12 cable clamps and 75 snap hooks.
**Custom length cables can be specified for order with this kit.

NOTE: Carron does not supply eyebolts/anchors to attach the cables to the structure into which they are being installed. These items must be purchased separately.
More:Installation Instructions

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