Items pictured below are provided individually and can be used with multiple installation styles.

A standard cable assembly typically consists of a turnbuckle (#76032), two thimbles (#76033), four cable clamps (#76031) plus the required length of ¼” galvanized steel cable (#76030). Netting can be attached to the cable (usually on 1' centers) using the appropriate hardware for the application: “S” hooks (#76028), quick loops (#76027), tie wraps (#21502) or snap hooks (#21533).

NOTE: For cable installations longer than 65’ we often suggest a turnbuckle for both ends (2 per assembly) to help reduce cable sag over the length of the span. Additional supports may be required depending on the length of the cable and/or the weight of the net being hung.

Stock #ProductDescription
76032TurnbuckleGalvanized steel, 9" jaw to jaw, working load of 2,200 lbs
76033ThimbleGalvanized steel; installed at each end of cable inside loop for support and to prevent flattening
76031Cable ClampTwo required per cable end; #260 wire rope clip, galvanized finish
760301/4" Steel Cable1/4" diameter, galvanized type 7X7, breaking strength, 7,000 lbs
215027" Tie Wrap50 lb breaking strength, UV stabilized
76028S-Hook#6, zinc plated steel
76027Quick LoopGalvanized steel, 300 lb breaking strength
21533Snap HookZinc plated, steel wire spring, 2 1/2", 550 lb breaking strength
21501Black Nylon CordOften used to join net sections or tie nets to frames/structural supports; 100 yd roll

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