Our standard duty #21 nylon nets feature one piece construction with 1 3/4" square knotted mesh netting for maximum abrasion resistance. All top, bottom and side edges feature wear-resistant 3/4" poly tape binding. A slit door entry is included in one corner for egress. UV-stabilized nylon netting provides outstanding durability for indoor and outdoor use.

Additional construction options include overlap flap doors, chain pockets, additional ceiling supports, and dividers to create multi-tunnel cages. Standard sizes are listed below or contact us to request a custom size and/or construction.

60414Standard Duty (#21) - 12'H X 12'W X 70'L
60415Standard Duty (#21) - 12'H X 12'W X 75'L
60416Standard Duty (#21) - 12'H X 14'W X 70'L
60417Standard Duty (#21) - 12'H X 14'W X 75'L
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