Recreational nets, featuring a light weight nylon mesh body and a 3/16" poly rope in the white vinyl top binding for easy installation are perfect for outdoor recreational play, indoor PE classes and anywhere nets need to be put up and taken down quickly and easily. No winch or mechanical tensioning required!
  • Recreational Net (#20142) - regulation 42' width with rope top for easy transport and installation.
  • Beach Tennis Net (#20143) - utilize the same construction as our #20142 but shortened to 32' to utilize beach volleyball standards.
  • Pickleball/Paddle Net/Multi-Sport Net (#20161) - Used for Paddle tennis and pickleball games, this net features a versatile 3/4" mesh netting and a length of 21'. Custom lengths also available.
Also Included below is our Platform Tennis Net (#20165) which is like the cable top #20143 Tournament Tennis Net but only 22'W; designed to fit Platform Tennis standards.

*Center Straps, replacement cables and headband are also available.
Stock #:20142
Product:Recreational Net
Description:Recreational Net - 42' X 3', #15 Nylon, 1 3/4" mesh, 47' x 3/16" Poly rope
More:Made in USA
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Stock #:20143
Product:Beach Tennis Net
Description:Beach Net - 32' X 2' 6", #15 Nylon, 1 3/4" mesh, 38' X 3/16" Poly rope
More:Made in USA
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Stock #:20161
Product:Paddle Tennis & Pickleball Net
Description:Paddle/Multi-Sport Net - 21' X 2'6", #420 Knotless Nylon, 3/4" mesh, 27'x3/16" Poly rope
More:Made in USA
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Stock #:20165
Product:Platform Tennis Net
Description:Platform Tennis Net - 22' X 2'6", #36 Nylon, 1 3/4" mesh, 28'x1/4" Cable
More:Made in USA
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