Norman Carron's Induction to the National Sporting Goods Hall of Fame

July 2, 2024

Norman Carron's induction to the National Sporting Goods Association Hall of Fame in 1991 was certainly well-deserved. His contributions to the industry, spanning over five decades, have left a lasting impact. From pioneering innovations like the anti-whip basketball net to his involvement in developing essential products during war like fish camouflage and barrage balloon nets, Norman's legacy is one of innovation, dedication, and service.

His leadership not only propelled his own company forward but also set a high standard for customer service that earned him respect and admiration throughout the sporting goods industry. By recognizing Norman Carron's achievements, the Hall of Fame not only honors his individual accomplishments but also celebrates the spirit of innovation and excellence that defines the sporting goods industry as a whole.

Carron Net is proud to continue our founders’ vision for customer service and exceptional quality in everything we do. If you’re in Two Rivers or visiting this summer, be sure to stop by the historic Washington House Museum and Visitor's Center where you can view Norman’s Hall of Fame Plaque on display.


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