Carron's Pallet Rack Guard Nets provide an economical employee safeguarding and product retention solution that's customized to meet your needs. Offered in a variety of mesh sizes and load ratings, when properly installed on the back side of racks or in flue spaces between racks these nets help comply with storage rack guarding requirements under OSHA 1926.250.

(If you are looking for accessible rack netting to attach to the front of the rack, see our Accessible Rack Guard Net page.)

INSTALLATION: The two most common installation types are Offset and Flush Mount.
Offset Installation is required where pallets or product loads overhang the rack face 3" or more. Our adjustable horizontal offset brackets provide the base for a cable frame which supports the netting away from the rack frame. See the Rack Guard Installation PDF for further details and installation instructions.

Flush Mount Installation is used when no allowance for pallet or product overhang is required. Heavy duty nylon tie wraps are used to attach the netting directly to the rack frame on 1' centers on all edges.

MADE TO ORDER ITEM. Choose your netting style using our Netting Selector Guide. Installation hardware is also available.


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