Carron's Accessible Rack Guard Net systems provide security and seismic protection while still allowing quick, easy access to product stored on racks and shelving systems without impeding loading. Nets can be lowered manually for single bay coverage or slid side-to-side to allow for coverage of multiple bay openings with a single net.

(If you are looking for permanently installed netting for the back of the rack, see our Pallet Rack Net page.)

Single Bay Net (snap up) installation utilizes cushioned clamps to attach the net on approximately 2' centers along the shelf level below the net. The net is then clipped to the rack uprights (or anchors inserted into them) in the upper corners and at the center of the vertical edges using #21533 Snap Hooks. The net is dropped down below shelf level without needing to be removed when access is required.

Multi-Bay Net (slide) installation uses cable assemblies at the shelf levels above and below the desired coverage area. The net is then clipped to the cables on approximately 1' centers and secured at the vertical edges using #21533 Snap Hooks. Nets can slide in either direction to allow access to one bay or the other without needing to be removed.

MADE TO ORDER ITEM. Choose your netting style using our Netting Selector Guide. Installation hardware is also available.

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