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Made To Order Available-Request A Quote

Most of our standard nets can be customized to your application. Look for this symbol.

Made To Order-Request A Quote

Look for this symbol for netting made to your specifications.

Carron Net Made In USA

Carron Net: Barrier Nets
For information on Baseball Backstop and Foul Ball Nets, click here.
Lacrosse and Hockey Barrier NetsLacrosse and Hockey Barrier Nets
Lacrosse and Hockey Barrier Nets Made To Order-Request A Quote

Ideal for lacrosse, field hockey and ice hockey ball/puck containment and spectator protection, our protective netting is made from durable low-visibility black 1-1/2" square mesh nylon with a 5/16" poly rope binding on each piece. Flexabar treated for both indoor and outdoor use. Made to order in custom sizes.

Lighter duty, white 1-1/4" knotless netting is also ideal for squash and racquetball court facilities, protecting spectators and keeping balls in play and not in the seats. Nets are tape bound with optional grommets available.

A full list of the custom barrier netting options is available here.

Number Description
71416 Heavy Duty Barrier Netting, 1-1/2" mesh, black, custom sizes
71418 Light Duty Barrier Netting, 1-1/4" mesh, white, custom sizes
Light Duty Barrier Net
Nylon Archery Nets Made To Order-Request A Quote

High density 100% nylon archery backdrop nets help make archery target practice safe for physical education classes and camps. Archery netting is also frequently used for high impact golf training applications. Nylon archery netting is available in any length required, but standard 10' height only.

Archery NetsArchery NetsArchery Nets
Number Description
51404 Heavy Nylon Archery Net, 10'H, bound all edges with grommets on top.
51405 Economy Nylon Archery Net, 10'H, bound top edge with grommets. Sides and bottom not bound.
Impact Panels
Volleyball, Soccer and Football Barrier and Area Nets Made To Order-Request A Quote

For ball containment and spectator protection, whatever the sport, Carron has the right netting for the job. Custom made barrier nets improve practices and keep games moving by keeping balls in play. Player safety is enhanced by eliminating the need to chase balls into hazardous areas like roadways or parking lots. And spectators (and facility owners) are protected from balls being struck into viewing or seating areas.

Carron Ball Barrier and Area nets are made of durable 100% nylon yet are light weight for easy installation and handling. Our sales staff is ready to help you with the right net for your situation – just give us a call.

A full list of the custom barrier netting options is available here.

Barrier Nets-VolleyballBarrier Nets-FootballBarrier Nets
Throwing Cages/ Heavy Duty Barrier
Made using our heaviest duty knotted nylon to protect spectators and other competitors; Carron manufactures cages for discus, shot put and hammer in sizes to fit any application.
Net Binding Options Binding Options for Netting
All made-to-order nets can be bordered with tape or rope binding (or vinyl binding at an extra charge). As an optional item, you may order grommets in the tape or vinyl.
For more INFORMATION or to PLACE AN ORDER, please CALL 1-800-558-7768. Most items are sent UPS Ground, although we are able to ship via most carriers/lines that you require. Drop shipments are available with no minimum order. All major credit cards accepted.
Request a Quote
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